“This is going to be short and so very, very sweet,” says Servorg: The Nickel Diner is astonishing. Maple bacon and Irish Car Bomb doughnuts are both stunners, and often come straight out of the fryer.

Barbecue pulled pork hash with potatoes and eggs is “soul satisfying in a deep and abiding way,” says Servorg: lovely, juicy pork and just the right touch of barbecue sauce. Even the accompanying whole-wheat bread is very good, especially with the house-made jam.

Nickel also makes maybe the best biscuits and gravy in town, says ipsedixit.

This is the best breakfast downtown, says Servorg. “I’m a little glad that it’s outside my normal geographic comfort circle. Otherwise the results could result in a serious ’rounding error’ of the Servorg.”

Nickel Diner [Downtown]
524 S. Main Street, Los Angeles

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