PekoePeony asked the million-dollar (or, in this case, $125) question about Cochon 555, the heritage-pig-themed touring event that matches five chefs, five winemakers, and five heritage-breed pigs for a competition and tasting: Is it worth the steep price tag?

nocharge, who signed on for the VIP treatment at last year’s event, called the experience “cool and relaxed” but warned about the “feeding frenzy” with, as SteveG confirmed, too many participants, not enough excellent food, and far too few tables, which resulted in a game of musical chairs among plate-bedecked diners.

Also taking advantage of the VIP treatment was CarrieWas218, who this year in Napa loved Deanie Hickox’s (of COI) sticky-toffee pudding and the reserved wine tastings, but wasn’t enamored of the long lines, dance music, or wimpy plastic forks.

The Bay Area’s Cochon 555 dates include the just-passed Napa event on March 6 and a San Francisco stopover on June 5 ($175).

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