Chowhounds rallied to find a source of SF Bay Area knishes for a homebound hound in Walnut Creek who needed a way around Zabar’s $55 (oy!) overnight shipping fee.

ChowFun_derek suggested House of Bagels in San Francisco or Saul’s in Berkeley; milklady says that The Kitchen Table in Mountain View has a knish of the day every day.

Best in show? jillyju thinks Tante’s potato-spinach knishes knishes are “outstanding, and many orders of magnitude better than House of Bagels.”

House of Bagels [Richmond District]
5030 Geary Boulevard, San Francisco

Saul’s Restaurant & Delicatessen [East Bay]
1475 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley

The Kitchen Table [Peninsula]
142 Castro Street, Mountain View

Tante’s [East Bay]
300 Pomona Avenue, El Cerrito

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