It was the breakfast version of the VHS vs. Betamax wars: In 1964, cereal company Post announced a ready-to-eat filled pastry called Country Squares. According to people there at the time, it was a pretty good product. But “[t]hey kept fooling around with it in our labs,” said Stan Reesman, a retired Post food technician, in an interview with the Chicago Tribune. Before Post could get the pastry to market, Kellogg swooped in with the (allegedly inferior) Pop-Tarts. So Country Squares went the way of Betamax, and Pop-Tarts became the industry standard.

Almost 50 years later, it’s time for a format change, so consider these recipes the Blu-ray of toaster pastries. We took everything we like about the idea of Pop-Tarts—delicious filling in flaky pastry with icing on top—and upgraded it to modern standards. We’re not trying to kid you into thinking these are nutritious, but they certainly do taste great.

Apple-Cinnamon Pop TartsApple-Cinnamon Pop Tarts

Double Chocolate Pop TartsDouble Chocolate Pop Tarts

S'mores Pop TartsS’mores Pop Tarts

Frosted Strawberry Pop TartsFrosted Strawberry Pop Tarts

Brown Sugar–Cinnamon Pop TartsBrown Sugar–Cinnamon Pop Tarts

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