Good news for locavores and lovers of fresh seafood: Gloucester fishery Cape Ann Fresh Catch is planning to offer a community supported fishery program, or CSF, to customers in Cambridge and maybe in Boston if there’s enough interest. The service begins in June.

A CSF works like a CSA: Customers buy full-share or half-share subscriptions, and receive freshly caught fish every week. Cape Ann shares are to be 12 weeks long, and are $180 for 4 to 6 pounds of seafood weekly or $360 for a full share of 8 to 12 pounds. That’s about $3 a pound for what Cape Ann’s website says will be haddock, cod, flounder, hake, dab, grey sole, monkfish, pollock, redfish, and maybe clams, lobster, and scallops. Fish will be cleaned and gutted but not filleted, so bones (fish stock ahoy!) and scales are part of the package.

Pick-up spots are still being hashed out, but Cape Ann’s website indicates there will be a Cambridge pick-up spot, probably at a farmers’ market: e.lizzy says the Harvard Tuesday farmers’ market may be the chosen spot. A Boston location is not yet nailed down; at least 50 customers must sign up in the area for Cape Ann to do a drop-off there. Evidently the response has been good so far: The sign-up period has been extended indefinitely in hopes that enough customers will join. Contact Cape Ann ASAP if you’re interested.

Cape Ann Fresh Catch [Gloucester]
37 Commercial Street, Gloucester

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