Roving Food Cart Conspiracy in the Mission

Since we wrote about the Magic Curry Kart, more food carts have appeared on the streets of the Mission, selling treats. And Tweeting. And coordinating meet-ups.

There’s the Crème Brûlée Cart selling, yes, crème brûlée. From its Tweets, it seems to roam the Mission, Noe Valley, and Dolores Park neighborhoods, and offer flavors like vanilla bean, Baileys, dark chocolate–Chambord, and limited-edition “Big Lebowski White Russian.” The Dude abides.

Then there’s Amuse Bouche, “a French dude near the Mission & 24th St. BART station that sells a pastry & hot beverage (usually chai) on random mornings. For $1,” says larochelle, who thinks it’s a good deal: “You are not getting a giant Costco muffin & a Big Gulp sized drink for $1. I got a small muffin & a dixie cup of Chai. What I consider a reasonable portion size for a treat.”

Amuse Bouche has also been spotted in Dolores Park by brian j, who bought a pear-coconut tart for three bucks from “a nice French dude with two tupperware containers and a sign: ‘Amuse Bouche.’ ... It was superb. Crumbly crust, rich gooey filling.” The Amuse Bouche Tweets reveal offerings like strawberry tarts, carrot muffins, onion quiche, hot chocolate, zucchini-cheese quiche, banana crumb muffins with a “nutella heart,” and broccoli tarts.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this underground food cart renaissance is the fact that the vendors are coordinating with each other via Twitter to be in the same place at the same time. On April 30, magiccurrykart Tweeted: “will be out at the dead end of linda street with @cremebruleecart and @amusebouchesf around 7:30ish.”

Crème Brûlée Cart [Mission]
Location varies
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Amuse Bouche [Mission]
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Magic Curry Kart [Mission]
Location varies
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