“I had no idea that there was a fleshy fruit that grows out of the cashew nut, and that that fruit is used for fruit juices (jugos) and alcoholic drinks,” says opinionatedchef about marañon. “We drank some delicious and refreshing maranon jugo today at a Salvadoran restaurant here in Boston. It was made w/ a frozen purée plus a little sugar plus water.”

“Fresh cashew/caju is rarely exported because it’s generally picked mature (I think the cashew nut wouldn’t be very good in a non mature fruit and not certain the fruit matures if picked green) and it deteriorates very quickly,” says itaunas.

The annona is another “destination fruit” that you’re unlikely to get in all its glory in the United States. “I just had the privilege … there is no better word for it … of eating an exquisitely ripe annona just picked from the tree,” says rworange. “Not only would it not be possible to ship something like this because it is so soft and fragile, it would not make it down the block to the local fruit vendor. I’ve bought an annona in the U.S. and it was fine, but nothing more. Fully ripe, it is a whole different fruit. It will be one of my top ten tastes of 2011. If I try anything better than this then I’ve died and am eating manna in heaven. The texture is like the smoothest, creamiest pudding I’ve ever eaten. The flavor is pears with faint accents of papaya, butterscotch and pine nuts. Not even the top chef in the world would have the ability to make a pudding this magnificent.”

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Ambrosial annona … on the eighth day God created the custard apple and said “Now this is REALLY good. “

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