When we were chatting with Aaron Porter, co-owner of the Trappist, he said we should check out a relative newcomer to Oakland’s beer scene called Commonwealth Cafe & Public House. We immediately wished this neo-British pub was in our respective ’hoods. It’s clean, it’s bright, and the staff is really friendly.

Commonwealth opens every day at 9 a.m., so you can get a British pub breakfast every day, and if breakfast beer is your bag, you can have that too. We only had time for a quick breakfast, including creamy Scottish oats with golden sugar syrup, and a homemade scone cut in half and slathered with cream and jam (the scone was a little dense, but there was enough jam and cream to make up for it). The breakfast sandwich seriously satisfied: Seedy, nutty toasted bread was filled with scrambled eggs, bacon, cheddar, and HP Sauce (and what seemed like a nice layer of mayo to tie it all together).

There was haggis on special, scrawled on the chalkboard. We must go back and investigate it for dinner sometime—it returns as a special every once in a while. They had a nice selection of English and Scottish imported bottles, and there’s a small but nicely curated selection of draft beers (on our visit it included mostly local craft brews such as Telegraph white ale, Linden Street black lager, and Dying Vines mild).

Commonwealth Cafe & Public House
2882 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland

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