Fiddler’s Bistro is “just one of those few excellent, reliable, solid neighborhood restaurants that are always consistent, and they need kudos,” says EarlyBird. It’s a wonderful neighborhood gem, agrees engie. “Consistent, reliable, solid good food.”

The owners are two Armenian brothers who came to the U.S. from Paris, and they put tons of love and care into their food, says EarlyBird. The most oft-recommended dish is corned beef hash, some of the best engie has ever had. Others recommend the killer chicken couscous soup, lamb burger with feta cheese, lamb kebabs, hummus platter, and omelets. Basically, says EarlyBird, all their soups and salads are excellent.

“Fiddler’s Bistro is largely unsung, but it remains steadfast, true and satisfying,” says bechamelmacho.

Fiddler’s Bistro [Mid-City]
6009 W. Third Street, Los Angeles

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