The star of the show at the Persian Asal Bakery & Kebab is ashe-e reshteh, a noodle soup that’s “very hearty and yummy and just the perfect thing on a rainy day,” says fkingford.

Koubideh is average but chicken kebab is excellent—juicy, tender, and flavorful, says fkingford. Ironically, fkingford was drawn here because of their special tanoor for baking sangak bread. “Sangak means little stone as the bread is baked on a bed of pebbles,” explains fkingford. “Here, stainless steel takes the place of the pebbles and the bread that comes off the behemoth tanoor looks like the real deal but I’m afraid falls way short in the taste department.” It’s perfectly decent flatbread, but it’s surely not sangak.

While in the area, stop by the Woodland Hills Market just a couple of stores down, where you can get several Persian specialties not seen in any of the Persian specialty stores in Tehrangeles. Woodland Hills, too, makes its own sangak, and its own barbari, a Persian breakfast bread.

Asal Bakery & Kebab [San Fernando Valley – West]
20008 Ventura Boulevard, Los Angeles

Woodland Hills Market [San Fernando Valley – West]
19964 Ventura Boulevard, Los Angeles

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