The New York Times had us drooling for lobsters this weekend. 2010 was reportedly a record year for the crop in Maine—a 93 million pound haul, up from 81 million in 2009—and although prices aren’t as cheap as they were in ’09, at $3.31 per pound they’re still “well below the high of $4.63 per pound” in 2006.

How does this affect Gotham Chowhounds? Well, if you’re a lobster-lover, you’ll be scrolling the boards looking for mentions of the cantankerous crustacean. We’ve seen everything from lobster cassoulet at Sue Perette to lobster roll specials at Strong Place.

So troll the boards, start posts about where the good lobster dishes live, and let us know if that Strong Place lobster roll special is any good! (We are waiting on a callback to confirm whether it is still on the specials menu.)

Sue Perette [Carroll Gardens]
270 Smith Street, Brooklyn

Strong Place [Carroll Gardens]
270 Court Street, Brooklyn

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Sue Perette (on Smith between DeGraw and Sackett)

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