Australians have a fine tradition of savory pies, stuffing them with such disparate delicacies as Thai curry chicken, tandoori meat, white-sauced seafood, and of course classic English meat-pie combinations like steak-and-kidney. The pies are hard to find out here, but we have a few leads for you.

The Village Idiot has two “killer” pies on the menu, says Australian Chowhound michelle99. Mojo Pies sells the right kind of meat pies, says Normal Garciaparra.

For imported pies, call the local SoCal office of the Aussie Import Company, which ships Four’N Twenty brand Australian pies for a $10 flat fee to Los Angeles addresses. They “can get you whatever you like,” says simtal.

Village Idiot [Mid-City]
7383 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles

Mojo Pies and Coffee House [Westside–Beaches]
420 N. Pacific Coast Highway, Redondo Beach

Aussie Import Company [San Fernando Valley–East]
8560 Fullbright Avenue, Winnetka

Board Link: Aussie Meat/Seafood Pies In Los Angeles?

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