What makes a perfect hushpuppy? These delicious deep-fried “stifled canines” are best when “rich, soft and buttery, with onion and a crispy, crunchy coating,” says cuccubear. lynnlato thinks they have to be just the right size and not too sweet, and be crispy on the outside, soft and warm on the inside.

Hushpuppies vary more in the South, where they’re made with jalapeño, corn, even fresh tomato, says bayoucook. “They’re at their best when they’ve been cooked in the same grease as the fried fish,” says bayoucook. Will Owen likes them with “little depth charges of red pepper and kernels of corn mixed in.”

BeaN says she’s never had a truly bad hushpuppy. “The very best hushpuppy I have ever eaten is not far removed from the worst hushpuppy I’ve ever eaten,” she admits. “I think of them as filler at a fish fry to make the fish go further.”

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