“One of the axioms of eating in the LA area is that there are more Greek places than you think there are,” says Das Ubergeek. His latest Greek find: Greek Garden Grill.

The best thing there is the moussaka. “Really rich ground lamb (hand-made, according to the lady behind the counter) and tomato sauce, absolutely perfectly baked eggplant, and a layer of breadcrumbs that turn into this amazing, almost masa-para-tamales-like layer,” describes Das Ubergeek.

Greek salad is rich with cream and moderately salty feta; gyros feature thickly cut meat with crisp, crackling edges and creamy, garlicky tzatziki. Melitzanosalata (eggplant salad) is “slightly smoky, a bit oily, garlicky enough,” says Das Ubergeek. And avgolemono—chicken, rice, and lemon soup—is “appropriately lemony, quite velvety, and with big chunks of tender chicken breast in it.”

Greek Garden Grill [Orange County]
424 S. Main Street, Suite D, Orange

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