Poached chicken is a versatile ingredient in sandwiches and salads. Perfect results depend on careful cooking; here are some techniques Chowhounds use to achieve moist, tender poached chicken.

Several hounds swear by placing chicken in a pot, adding water to cover, and bringing to a boil, then covering and taking off the heat. c oliver finds 10 minutes of standing time about right for boneless breasts, while chef chicklet says a whole chicken is done in an hour.

JoanN says, “I come closest to perfection with a poached chicken breast by allowing it to sit overnight, refrigerated, in its poaching liquid.” First, she brings bone-in breasts to a bare simmer in water to cover; when the water starts to simmer, she turns the heat to low and cooks for about 30 minutes. After cooling for a bit, she covers the pot and refrigerates overnight.

Some hounds poach in plain water, some add aromatics to the poaching liquid. The poaching water doesn’t take on much chicken flavor, but greygarious saves hers to use as a head start when making stock.

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