Gnocchi are “fluffy light pillows of flavor,” says hummingbird. At least, they are when they’re good. Potato gnocchi consist of “rich, buttery mashed potatoes with a slightest texture of skin (toothiness)—a structure around the richness,” says alwayscooking. “Cover them with the things you’d want in mashed potatoes or a rich baked potato—a red sauce, a sage butter, or just oil/butter/garlic.” Gnocchi are “like eating clouds with incredible flavor,” agrees bnemes3343.

But gnocchi need not be made with potatoes—there are also Roman-style gnocchi made with semolina, says limster. They can even be made with a ricotta base, says tatamagouche (although, technically, these are called gnudi, says Ima Wurdibitsch). “You can also add ricotta to potato or semolina gnocchi to lighten them a bit,” says tatamagouche.

Heavenly when done right, but beware: When badly done, gnocchi are “pasta bubble gum,” says fourunder.

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