July’s ruinous blackout in Queens ended after nine miserable days–but for many restaurants, the misery didn’t lift when the lights came back on. At Astoria’s Kabab Cafe, a board favorite for soulful Egyptian chow, the power failure reportedly fried the refrigerator compressors and fire-suppression system, shutting down the restaurant for more than three weeks and putting chef-owner Ali El Sayed in a deep hole because of repair bills, wasted food, and lost business.

He has finally reopened, though not with a full menu. Among the dishes available post-blackout, meat loaf-like lamb with pomegranate is especially tasty, says babar ganesh. “This would be a good time to come out in support of a chef who has given a lot to the area,” babar adds. “Ali needs the cash to start coming in again, and he’s an artisan and loves to cook,” notes Steve R. “If you can get there, you should.” The same advice applies to any other neighborhood favorites that struggled during the blackout and its aftermath: Drop in, say hello, grab a bite. It’ll be appreciated.

Kabab Cafe [Astoria]
25-12 Steinway St., between 25th and 28th Aves., Astoria, Queens

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