The latest Internet meme to make the rounds—I’ve received it three times—is This is why you’re fat, a collection of photos of the fattiest, unhealthiest foods eaten by mankind. Yeah, I’m looking at you, Bacon Explosion Wellington and Corndog Pizza!

And it looks like everyone else is receiving it too. Serious Eats has had to tell people, “OK, OK … You can stop sending us the link to This Is Why You’re Fat,” while Slashfood asks, “A commentary on the gluttony and greed of contemporary American society. Or just delicious?” Meanwhile, Chowhounds have been debating which dishes they actually want to eat.

But perhaps the funniest, in an are-they-serious kind of way is PETA Europe’s response to the site on their blog Fish and Chimps:

“Meat and dairy products are high in cholesterol and saturated fat, which cause havoc for your body and can lead to heart disease and eventually death. Not that we’re against making vegan versions of these meals! Let’s take the ‘Heart Attack Sandwich’ … as an example. To eat it and not succumb to its name, you’ll need:

Fried Gardein ‘chicken’ style fillet
Redwood’s faux-bacon
Linda McCartney vegetarian sausage
A thin slab of fried tofu
A fried green tomato topped with Redwood’s dairy-free melting ‘Cheezly’
A toasted roll to stuff it all in
Served with a vegetable gravy dipping sauce”

Morally superior heart attack sandwich anyone?

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