Cake Monkey Bakery makes irresistible snack cakes and cookies, says Suebee. She can’t get the little treats out of her head. “Perhaps it’s the deceivingly simple packaging, a foil wrapping for the cakewiches, reminiscent of Ding Dongs. Or maybe it’s the sense that I’m eating the most amazing snack cake from childhood, evoking memories of grandparents long gone.”

But, says Suebee, “When it comes down to it, Elizabeth Belkind is just an incredible baker who uses only the finest ingredients and makes everything with a commitment to perfection. And every bite is really, really good.”

Cake Monkey Bakery is currently a Los Angeles–based, storefrontless operation. It does custom orders and delivers. There’s a full storefront in the works. But right now, your best shot for buying the bakery’s goods is Silverlake Wine, which always has a few foil-wrapped delights in stock. Sometimes SW has ’Nuff Said, chocolate crumble cookies with house-made marshmallows, dark chocolate, pecans, caramel, and sea salt, or mini oatmeal cookies, or oatmeal cream pies, or even little cakewiches. “I love that there’s always that suspense of not knowing what will be there or if, heaven forbid, they’re sold out,” says Suebee. “It also feels slightly subversive making a special trip to the wine store just for a cookie.”

Silverlake Wine [Silver Lake]
2395 Glendale Boulevard, Los Angeles

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