Bon Appetit celebrates its 50th year of publication with this month’s issue, which contains some real gems amid a field of mostly predictable retrospectives.

In addition to the obligatory “Timeline of Stories We Have Covered Over 50 Years As Selected and Summarized by One or More Junior Editorial Assistants” feature, the issue sports a low-key but deceptively cool cover. Fifty different photos of various food items, laid out in a grid, actually act as postage stamp-sized gateways to 50 different recipes housed thoughtfully on the magazine’s website. It’s a neat way to display a tremendous density of information with the help of the Internet.

Also notable: the magazine offers a fifty-year recap of the evolution of American bread culture. It opens with a brilliant counterpoint: the father of the author’s excitement upon discovering non-Wonder Bread 1956 France, stacked against the excitement of a nine-year-old tasting Wonder Bread for the first time in the present day.

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