We’re not quite ready to give up on the Web yet. I mean, we’re a website. But when you look at all the cool ways to access CHOW content outside the confines of this browser window, you get a sense of the enormous number of ways content can spread. Newest way to get CHOW: on Flipboard, the iPad app.

Flipboard takes our Twitter feed, something we’ve put great care and love into building a following for, and makes it maglike. So you scroll through the tweets and actually see the content with the images, plus all the retweets and comments. As a lot of people have discussed, it brings a staid-looking, text-and-link-based Twitter feed to life, transforming it into a beautifully designed format that readers can page through.

So, if you’re iPad-enabled and pro-CHOW, all you do is download the Flipboard app and select the feeds you want to read, including CHOW, which is conveniently featured in the Food & Dining section. And just know that every tweet, we do it for you.

Here’s a little video explaining Flipboard:

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