Rutabagas, called swedes in Britain, are a root vegetable related to the turnip with a sharp-sweet flavor. Peel away their waxy skin before cooking. happybellynh says they can be used anywhere you’d use other root vegetables: in soups, stews, roasts, pot pies, and casseroles.

Rutabagas can be prepared like mashed potatoes: cubed and boiled, then mashed with milk and butter. Candy likes them roasted, covered, with a bit of stock until tender, then puréed with butter and sherry. soupkitten mashes them together with potatoes. Harters likes them mashed with carrots, and grated/steamed rutabagas, carrots, and leeks.

Rutabagas make good creamy soups. dkenworthy likes CHOW’s Smoked Paprika and Rutabaga Bisque, saying: “The sweet, smoky flavor of the paprika really complemented the sharpness of the rutabaga.” greedygirl recommends Gordon Ramsay’s caramelized swede soup.

And check out CHOW’s Rutabaga with Mustard and Scallions.

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