If you’ve never been to Instructables.com before, it’s a very entertaining resource of DIY project guides. Some, like this one, that details how to make a radio-controlled mobile robot bar, are genius. It’s especially impressive when you realize it was built in a garage, “using standard hand/power tools and readily available parts and materials” by someone with no “formal robotics, electronics, or mechanical training.”

Features include:
• A beer elevator
• A motorized ice and mixer drawer
• A six-bottle shot dispenser
• Sound-activated neon lighting (for drunk ravers?)

Improvements I would like to see:
• Automated drink mixing
• Talking
• Snack dispenser
• Breathalyzer-activated key-snatching arm (for stopping questionably drunk guests from driving)
• Breathalyzer-activated dating advice (you know it’s a good idea)

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