I can’t say how many times I’ve watched one of Martha Stewart’s TV shows in complete awe and disgust. Cries of “What the hell is she doing now?” and “Right, like anyone is going to do that!” issue from my mouth at least once during every segment, whether it’s cooking, crafting, gardening, or organizing. I know I’m not alone in these sentiments, but my husband refuses to commiserate with me and instead just says, “Why do you watch it then?” Which totally isn’t the point. So I sit gape-jawed and commenting to the TV alone.

Then I saw Whatever, Martha! on the Fine Living channel. The title alone suggests that it must be about the one and only Martha, as in Madonna or Cher. The show is a half-hour bitch-fest hosted by Jennifer Koppelman Hutt and none other than Martha’s own daughter, Alexis Stewart. Who better equipped than family to take on M Diddy (her prison nickname)?

The premise is brilliant: They sit in a living-room style set with a television, watch vintage segments of Martha Stewart Living and comment about the impossibility of Martha’s perfection. Together they give voice to everything we’ve always wanted to say about the absurdity of Martha’s projects, while Alexis tosses in a few personal tidbits on life growing up as Martha’s daughter: Is she OCD or just insane? Finally someone who understands.

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