At Logan’s Candies, Jerry Rowley still hand-makes all his candy canes. He and his little helpers make 75,000 candy canes every holiday season. There are even candy-making demonstrations.

pleasurepalate describes the process: A sugar and corn syrup mixture is heated in a copper kettle, melted, and poured out onto a marble board. Jerry kneads the sugar mixture, first with a spatula, then by hand. The stuff is then colored, hung on a hook, and deftly pulled, tugged, and twisted into shapes cute and traditional.

“In an age where everything is manufactured by machines, I think it’s cool that Logan’s Candy still takes the time to make their candy canes by hand. Given how intensive the whole process is, it truly must be a labor of love and for that, I hope Logan’s Candy will be around for another 70+ years and beyond,” says pleasurepalate.

Logan’s Candies [Inland Empire]
125 W. B Street, Ontario

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