catspercapita is not a fan of white, um, “chocolate.” “It’s not like chicory coffee, that has a unique taste and style of its own, or soy milk that has an extensive history and health benefits,” says catspercapita. “This stuff is just ….yuck! Can anyone justify its existence?”

paulj thinks there is a legitimate place for white chocolate—but it’s not chocolate. “Imagine separating the cocoa butter (fat) from the rest of the chocolate,” says paulj. “That ‘rest’ is cocoa powder. White chocolate is the cocoa butter plus sugar. So it has the texture and sweetness of chocolate, but not the color and complex flavor. By itself white chocolate isn’t interesting, but it works in places where the bitterness of chocolate would get in the way (as in almond bark or coating strawberries).”

But beware, says Steve: “If they use vegetable oil, then it is completely fake. This is the reason for all those awful ‘white chocolate’ products out there.”

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