Time’s running out to try Ramen Halu’s limited-edition duck ramen, served at dinner only. “The roast duck stock is not nearly as heavy and full-bodied in texture as the Halu [original pork bone broth], yet has more complex and intense flavors with a deep earthiness from the shiitake and brighter briny notes,” says Melanie Wong.

The firm, kind of brittle whole-wheat noodles have a slightly nutty taste and hold their own in the flavorful broth. No duck thigh meat is apparent in the soup, but you get roasted duck breast on a separate plate with a cloud of shredded Tokyo negi (giant scallions), bamboo shoots, and roasted onion. “Sure, I wish that the duck’s skin were crisper with more fat rendered, but I loved the buttery-textured, bloody-rare meat and the sweet-savory seasoning,” Melanie says.

Kamo (duck) ramen is $16.50.

Ramen Halu [South Bay]
375 Saratoga Avenue, San Jose

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