Chowhounds are wild about food cooked in duck fat. The best french fries mrsfury ever had were fried in duck fat. pitu cuts potatoes into wedges, tosses them in duck fat and roasts them. “It’s like Thanksgiving in one bite,” he says. And, according to pikawicca, “Potatoes fried in duck fat are truly sublime, as is a really fresh egg from a free-range hen.”

carswell uses duck fat in place of butter in savory pastries, rubs it on poultry before roasting for a crisp, brown skin, and uses it to pop popcorn (sprinkle with sea salt; no need to drizzle with melted butter). Other hounds sautée cabbage and onions, poultry, peppers, or Brussels sprouts in the rendered fat.

If you save enough duck fat, you can make confit. RPMcMurphy thinks the rendered fat from one duck is just enough to confit two duck legs, especially if you make them a tight fit in the pan. Check out CHOW’s recipe for Slow Cooker Duck Confit.

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