Kogi is a Korean taco truck, in every sense of the word. The folks are Korean, they serve tacos, and they serve ’em stuffed with Korean barbecue. We’re talking kalbi (barbecued short rib) tacos, chicken bulgogi tacos, and pork bulgogi tacos. The truck is astonishingly popular—lines have been getting up to an hour long. “It is amazing food,” says lvgoodfood. “We can’t stop talking about it here at home….Last night some people were making lines again for second rounds of food.” streetgourmetla says that the owners and chef are “passionate food people” and it shows in the finished product.

Barbecued pork hot dog with homemade Korean ketchup is also very good, says lvgoodfood, as are the interestingly textured barbecued pork sliders. Avoid the quesadilla, says choysauce. It’s a soggy, gummy, cold tortilla, and it came out undercooked.

The truck shows up at various times near UCLA, in Silver Lake, in Abbot-Kinney, and at other places. A detailed website and blog posts the weekly schedule. They also have a Twitter feed where they post live updates about where they are, when they’re going to leave, and when they’ve arrived. This, I believe, is Los Angeles’s first taco truck with a Twitter feed. We have officially arrived in The Future.

Check website for location updates
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