Parsnips are root vegetables that look like off-white carrots and have a mellow, sweet flavor when cooked. Hounds like to use them as they do other sweet root vegetables or potatoes.

al b. darned coarsely grates them and combines them with grated onion, a beaten egg, and a bit of flour and makes pancakes with the mixture. masha likes to use half grated parsnips and half grated carrots in pancakes.

Hounds love parsnips sliced superthin and fried like potato chips. You can cook and mash parsnips, alone or combined with potatoes. Try steaming cubed parsnips and using them in place of potatoes in your favorite potato salad recipe, suggests ipsedixit.

wlo makes puréed leek and parsnip soup seasoned with thyme. Sal Vanilla includes parsnips when making pot roast or lamb stew, and likes them roasted and tossed with butter, herbs, and a bit of horseradish.

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