Roasted chestnuts, that quintessential wintertime snack, are simple to make once you know the key tricks. The most important one is to score them to allow steam to escape as they roast, or they can explode. goodhealthgourmet instructs would-be roasters to cut an X in the round end of chestnuts with a paring knife and roast, scored side up, in a baking pan in a 425°F oven. You’ll know they’re done when they burst open and are soft inside, about 20 to 25 minutes.

pemma recommends using a chestnut knife, especially made for the job, and says it’s easier and safer to use than a kitchen knife. Instead of scoring with a knife, ipsedixit gives them a gentle squeeze with a nutcracker—just enough so small fissures show, but not enough to crack the nut. The nutcracker also makes the chestnuts easier to peel after roasting, a bonus.

goodhealthgourmet notes that it’s essential to peel them while still warm, or the shells won’t come off. Let them cool just until you can handle them. itryalot adds that wrapping them in a dishcloth for a few minutes helps, too.

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