I recently stumbled on a giant pool of photos on Flickr filled with handwritten recipe cards, the backs of Cool Whip labels, even entire cookbooks scanned and organized. After obsessively clicking page after page, I discovered it’s the collection of Robert Jones (Flickr handle: Eudaemonius) who regularly adds to his collection of more than 24,000 photos.

He said he originally needed a way for his siblings and him to share their mother’s cookbooks from three different countries, and scanning seemed like the best option. After his grandma dropped off all her old cookbooks to scan, it became a full time hobby. He collects from garage sales, estate sales, buys on eBay, and currently has over 20,000 cookbooks at home. Jones says he likes giving new life to books, and he uses them a lot to cook with: He leans towards the recipes that have “good!” penciled in on the sides.

Visit the collection here.

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