Chowhounds are crazy about Ginger People Ginger Spread, and have dreamed up a bunch of tasty uses for it. It’s great with Brie, or warmed and stirred into goat cheese, and hungrydyke likes it on peanut butter sandwiches.

allyally likes ginger spread in chicken or pork panini, and IrishInTexas uses it as a glaze for baked salmon. violabratsche adds a couple of spoonfuls to a pan of cooked carrots or beets. godsfavdiva says that mixing it into a good spaghetti sauce “is truly an amazing combination” and adds that it’s fabulous in chicken chili.

MMRuth thinks it’s wonderful with hot water and a squeeze of lemon. litchick likes it mixed into hot oatmeal, and AppleSister combines it with Greek yogurt and chopped nuts.

HillJ says ginger spread is wonderful swirled into cheesecake batter before baking, or spread atop a cheesecake after it’s chilled. allyally uses it in place of traditional raspberry jam in linzer cookies, and Emme suggests mixing it into cream cheese frosting for carrot cake.

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