Canned cranberry sauce is almost as traditional as turkey, but to some it’s loathsome. You know, that “cran-from-a-can that makes that ‘sploip’ noise as it exits its metal tomb,” as beth1 puts it. “Why, oh why, do so many people prefer … nay, DEMAND … canned cranberry sauce?” wonders danna, especially when there’s freshly-made whole berry sauce available.

But canned, smooth cranberry sauce is not necessarily an aesthetic failure, or a poor version of whole berry sauce. “That something is made with an ingredient in common doesn’t mean it’s the same thing,” says ccbweb. “Texture and flavor, it turns out, matter. At my house we have a fresh cranberry relish and jellied cranberry sauce. They’re different things. They both taste good.”

“Some people like jam, others like jelly,” adds paulj

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