More than just a flavor at Doughnut Plant, tres leches—or pastel de tres leches—is a dessert found in Costa Rica, Venezuela, Guatemala, Cuba, Mexico, and, of course, New York. It’s a cake perforated and drizzled with its eponymous sauce: condensed milk, evaporated milk, and fresh milk or cream. This “three milks cake” is unbeatable when done right, and user Dave Feldman wants to get his paws on a whole one, preferably in Manhattan. We’re not sure how well these suckers travel, and hear they have slices at Patacon Pisao and Cubana Café (thanks, rifkind81!) but where else? Hound gutsofsteel proposes several East Harlem bakeries as a starting point. And don’t forget your very own kitchen: Make it yourself.

Where’s your favorite place?

Patacon Pisao [Inwood]
431 W. 202nd Street, Manhattan

Cubana Café [SoHo]
110 Thompson Street, Manhattan

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