The new Peruvian restaurant in San Jose, Nazca, is an impressive new option for downtown dining, says rosiella1.

A seafood medley appetizer with baby scallops, octopus, and shrimp comes on a dramatic flaming plate. The seafood is cooked perfectly, with a butter sauce. Shrimp and fish in cheese bisque is rich and creamy, with plenty of large shrimp and delicate white fish in the tasty broth. For the meat-lovers, there’s tender lamb shank, served with yucca and a lightly toasted patty of rice. For dessert, thin meringue layers sandwiching fresh strawberries and perhaps passionfruit, served with coconut sauce and mango sorbet, is a heavenly combo, says rosiella1.

Nazca Peruvian Cuisine [South Bay]
167 W San Fernando Street, San Jose

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