What vegetables have been unjustly absent from restaurant menus and home kitchens? Caroline1 loves dandelion. “Dandelion is an incredibly nutritious vegetable/salad green that also makes a nice homemade wine and/or coffee substitute,” she says. “If you don’t believe me, look it up! A REALLY underappreciated vegetable! When’s the last time you saw a recipe for it! Our loss, and no, I’m NOT kidding!”

“I’d nominate daikon, a.k.a. Chinese radish, which is underutilized in Western cooking,” says tastesgoodwhatisit. “I’m used to seeing it raw, like you would use regular radish, but it’s amazingly good in cooked dishes, and stews very well with pork. Finely grated with a bit of soy sauce it’s an excellent accompaniment to grilled fish or white rice.”

And onceadaylily thinks fat, buttery-tasting lima beans are unjustly forgotten. “We love them,” says onceadaylily. “I usually have a bag of frozen and dried on hand. I’ve never seen them fresh. The boyfriend likes them cooked in milk, but we also use them in a warm pasta salad with sautéed tomatoes and orzo, and they are lovely mashed, with a bit of butter, or a drizzle of sage ‘pesto’ (thyme works too).”

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