Gift-giving may feel obligatory, contrived, and corporately mandated over the holidays. Regardless, it’s always fun to make a friend or family member happy with a thoughtful present. So whether you’re a pagan looking for a post-log-burning gift, or just someone who wants to find something nice to give for Hanukkah or Christmas, we have plenty of ideas for food-related gifts that will make the recipient smile. And that’s what it’s all about.


Wee trifles for nontrivial satisfaction

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Easy mozzarella and ninja cookies

UNDER $50 | Browse

Customized dishtowels and fine liqueur

UNDER $100 | Browse

Impressive tableware and impressive wines

SPLURGE | Browse

Nerdy kitchen toys and flashy barware


Impressive tomes and helping hands

DIY GIFTS | Browse

Amaretto, caramels, and more stuff to
make and give

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