“One of my favorite Indian places has an okra dish with mango powder (a.k.a. amchur),” says butterfly. “I love the complex flavor of the amchur—it’s a perfect balance of sweet and sour.” What can you do with mango powder? cokkinos likes to mix it with cornstarch, flour, salt, and pepper, then use the mixture to dredge shrimp and whitefish for shallow frying. junglekitte loves mango powder in chana masala. “I’ve made it three times now and LOVE it!” says junglekitte. And beachmouse is considering adding mango powder to mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving.

“By the way, do crumble amchur thoroughly before using it,” says squid-kun. “It has a tendency to clump. And seal it up tight, in a jar or plastic container. It is vulnerable to attack by little bugs. I learned this the hard way.”

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