Soon dubu lovers are all over BCD Tofu House, Koreatown’s newest spot for soft bean curd stews. The silky, creamy texture of the tofu and the depth of flavor in the broth lift this two-week-old restaurant well above its competitors, including Seoul Garden down the block, as Lau and other hounds see it.

plantainsandkimchi finds BCD clearly superior to Cho Dang Gol on 35th Street and Book Chang Dong in Flushing as well; soon dubu with pork came spicy, as requested, “and it was the first soon tofu broth in NY that didn’t taste completely watered down or one-dimensional.”

BCD is the first East Coast outpost of a chain from Los Angeles, and Miss Needle says some favorites from the original menu—like mixed soon dubu with meat and seafood, and budae soon dubu with Spam and sausage—haven’t made it to New York, at least not yet. She quibbles with the spicing, which can be tamer than she likes. Overall, though, she’s glad BCD is here: “It will be my to-go place for soon tofu in Manhattan.”

BCD Tofu House [Koreatown]
17 W. 32nd Street (between Broadway and Fifth Avenue), Manhattan

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