Washoku cooking isn’t sushi or sashimi, and it’s not the newly popular pub fare of the izakaya. It’s all the other traditional stuff. Yuzu is a washoku-ya, specializing in simple Japanese comfort food.

There is excellent fresh yuba here. Yuba is soy skin, collected from the top of a vat of cooking soy milk. Fresh yuba is pretty rare around these parts; at Yuzu, you can get the yuba in nama yuba konabe jitate: fresh yuba cooked in soy milk, fondue style. Your waiter will bring you a large pot atop a portable gas stove. The pot is filled with simmering soy milk, and you dip in bits of fresh yuba for a few seconds before you eat. Their yuba is delicious, with “a wonderful, light, silky texture,” says exilekiss. The soy milk bath adds “a creamy, velvety texture to each bite.”

The highlight of the menu, says exilekiss, is foie gras saikyo yaki, foie gras marinated in miso and lightly grilled. It’s one of the best foie gras preparations around: lightly sweet miso; pure, buttery foie gras; and a light smokiness throughout.

There is also perfectly fried sweet onion, served with green tea salt and curry-infused salt. There is good sweet-and-sour pork in the Japanese version: nicely fried, and rather more refined than the usual Chinese interpretation. The centerpiece of the menu is stuff from Yuzu’s open-fire grill; unfortunately, not everything is great. Grilled ground chicken skewers with raw egg is awesome; grilled duck is sadly rubbery; and grilled chicken came strangely lukewarm.

Yuzu [South Bay]
1231 Cabrillo Avenue, #101, Torrance

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