A Chowhound post on Old Food or Product Commercials that You Miss? made me want to do some digging on YouTube. Waste some time in the way-back machine and sit way too close to the screen with me now! Can’t help but notice that the next thing about to come on after this old Mazola commercial is the Paul Lynde Halloween Special. Man oh MAN do I want to watch that!

Get ready for an earworm. The first post from You Tube’s comments section is classic: “My father committed suicide to this song … I haven’t had chicken since then. BUT … I feel like chicken tonight!”

Another earworm. Why is it so menacing to hear a bunch of children singing happily as they haul a giant walleyed effigy of a bee down a deserted beach? I have chills.

Holy crap, can Ann Miller ever sing! And dance! The soupy road to romance, I know what I’m having for lunch.

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