If fall means mushroom soup to you, Chowhounds have advice and recipes for savory stews.

Spices can make a difference: gordeaux prefers to season with marjoram, while smartie favors tarragon or chervil. Diane in Bexley’s mushroom soup secret is a touch of nutmeg. steinpilz uses sherry and thyme, and grinds dried mushrooms to a powder before adding them to boost mushroom flavor and thicken soups.

There are also many different recipes to try. mlukan says Ina Garten’s cream of wild mushroom soup is “by far the best I’ve ever made.” gmm agrees it’s “rich and delicious.” SSqwerty’s favorite is creamy roasted mushroom soup, and says it’s easy, because you can roast the mushrooms a day in advance.

Other favorites: MMRuth calls this wild mushroom soup with sherry “wonderful.” shivani recommends Ruth Reichl’s recipe from her memoir Comfort Me with Apples.

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