Jalapeños stuffed with cheese and fried are classic, but there are many other creative fillings.

Several Chowhounds recommend grilling stuffed jalapeños instead of deep-frying. RPMcMurphy suggests poking a hole in the bottom of cheese-stuffed chiles when grilling, so the oil can drain.

Interesting fillings abound: RosemaryHoney uses a mix of fresh corn, breadcrumbs, and a bit of cheese to hold everything together. KiltedCook sticks to andouille sausage and pepperjack cheese; tmso suggests garlicky mashed potatoes or walnuts and currants; and MazDee likes a mix of cheddar and cream cheese with a bit of pimiento. Finally, the over-the-top peppers from Grillncook are stuffed with cream cheese, jalapeños, and chorizo, and wrapped with bacon before grilling.

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