Ever had a piece of chocolate so good you said to yourself, “This stuff should be illegal”? For a Canadian couple bringing unrefined chocolate into the United States to attend a raw-foods festival, it almost was.

At the Toronto airport, Ron Obadia and Nadine Artemis of Living Libations were detained and questioned for several hours because the officers thought the two pounds of raw chocolate in their luggage was hashish, reports Natural News.

The officers thought the chocolate looked suspicious because it wasn’t in a commercial wrapper. The test they took came back with a false positive reading. Although the couple has since been cleared of the charges, the incident caused the Canadian version of child protective services to make surprise visits for a month to check up on them and their infant. Obadia and Artemis have $22,000 and counting in legal bills because of the snafu.

Perhaps it was the hemp seeds on the ingredient list.

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