Last week on CNN’s food blog, Eatocracy, New York Times food writer Kim Severson bemoaned the things she’d have to leave behind in her Brooklyn fridge when relocating to Atlanta this month. By and large, commenters reamed her for not simply driving or shipping her beloved collection of salsas, pickles, and Parmesan cheese rinds to Georgia. But the piece got us thinking: If we were banished from New York, what would we miss most? We asked our fellow Chowhounds, and got a quick response. We heard about black and white cookies and pretzels, dim sum and chicken parm heros.

Unsurprisingly, the slice and hot dogs emerged as the most hypothetically yearned-for foods, followed closely by bagels and bialys in our poll. But the more conceptual answer of “diversity” was cited just as frequently as the top contenders. In fact, glutton08 rejected the poll quite eloquently, saying, “Impossible question. There’s a reasonable version of pretty much any food you can get in the city at least one other place in the world. What I couldn’t live without is the variety of great foods in such a small geographic area.” We have to agree. Best of luck to Severson in her new home—we’ll eat a pastrami from Katz’s, or maybe a salad, and send good wishes her way.

Katz’s [Lower East Side]
205 E. Houston Street, New York

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