There’s not a lot of Indonesian food in the Bay Area, so if you’re craving delectable Indo meats on a stick, it’s worth hunting down food truck Sataysfied.

Chicken satay is really, really good, says SouthToTheLeft. “He marinates his chicken with kecap manis (Indonesian medium-sweet black soy sauce ketchup) and then grills [it] before your very eyes.” You get a good-sized portion, plus several scoops of rice for $6, and plenty of homemade peanut sauce. “It was so good that I went back for seconds, but he had already sold out of the chicken within the hour.”

Pork satay skewers “had well-charred fatty chunks of pork and could not have been better,” says soupçon.

Mobile truck; no formal location or phone number; see Twitter for location

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