Peter Cherches has a lunchtime tip for his fellow office laborers in the middle of Midtown, land of identical generic delis: Take a hike. A few blocks north and east, for example, there’s an attractive Turkish lunch deal at Tarabia, where $11.95 buys four courses: soup or salad, cold appetizer, hot appetizer, entrée.

Based on one visit, Peter says, Tarabia delivers the goods. He had very good lentil soup and warm Turkish bread, eggplant salad that bested the competition, and a nice big hunk of pan-fried tilapia (he faults only slightly greasy zucchini pancakes).

If you’re in the nabe, he adds, another hound-worthy option is Luscious Thai.

Tarabia [Midtown East]
1071 First Avenue (between E. 58th and 59th streets), Manhattan

Luscious Thai [Upper East Side]
1099 First Avenue (between E. 60th and 61st streets), Manhattan

Board Link: Amazing Lunch Special at Tarabia

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