After having a Happy Belly hot dog with kimchee, “it’s going to be impossible to go back to plain ol’ sauerkraut on a weenie,” says Melanie Wong, who visited one of the company’s two carts in Golden Gate Park.

It’s a big dog, juicy and nicely spiced, but it’s skinless and doesn’t have that snap that a natural casing would give. The condiment combo of kimchee and slightly sweet Kewpie mayonnaise, though, is genius: “Its richness combined with the tangy kimchee and beefy flavors was a fantastic mouthful.”

The Belly Dog can also be made with other types of sausage, either lemon chicken or Louisiana hot link. The dogs/sausages are $4, kimchee topping $1.50, mayo 50 cents, and sauerkraut 50 cents.

Happy Belly [Richmond District]
John F. Kennedy Drive at 8th Avenue and at Conservatory Drive West, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco
No phone available

Board Link: Happy Belly Dog (Kimchi! Kewpie!) in Golden Gate Park

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