Cook’s Tortas is a repository for all things sandwich. “I’m surprised that more SGV/Eastside people haven’t been raving about this place,” says soyarra, “the tortas are really wonderful and imaginative.” It has the traditional milanesa, ahogada, and the like, but it also has Spanish- and Cuban-style sandwiches. And American-style deli sandwiches, too. The ahogada torta is a beautiful sandwich: slow-cooked pork, with a spicy double dip. The taste is very close to authentically Jaliscan, says BCM.

All the torta bread is baked on the premises by the owner’s mother-in-law, and is much more like levain-style ciabatta than traditional Mexican torta rolls. It’s nonstandard, but great. The sides are equally surprising and wonderful—dilled potato salad, macaroni salad with red peppers and ham, and spectacular homemade bread with butter pickles, says soyarra. Cook’s Tortas also sells what it calls “great, great grandma’s” corn cake; it’s very good, but odd, “like a cheesecake with a very strong corn taste,” says Neta.

“Really, this is such a find—delicious, fresh, thoughtfully prepared food, reasonable prices,” soyarra says.

Cook’s Tortas [San Gabriel Valley]
1944 S. Atlantic Boulevard, Monterey Park

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